We offer two types of Will at Conveyancing Expert

The first is our usual old school type of Will

This is where we send you a questionnaire to fill in but then have a meeting to discuss your requirements. We check everything, make sure you are happy and then one of the Solicitors of licensed conveyancers writes your Will before you come back to the office to make further amendments and then you sign and receive your Will.

This cost for this service is £100 for a single Will or £150 for Mirror Wills.

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The second type is our online Will writing system

This uses a programme that was built by Solicitors and is designed for moderately simple Wills (99% of Wills are quite simple really) and is one where you have very little input.

The cost for this is much cheaper. Why? It’s cheaper because although the Wills are checked, we are not having 2.5 hours or more of meetings with you.

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Please visit willexperts.co.uk to register and create your Will today.

Will Experts
Will Experts

When you have a change in circumstances,it is vital you update or prepare your Will.

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Note Although we say Conveyancing Expert, due to a strange quirk of regulation, we have to run a company called Will Writing Expert Limited to hold the Wills. The Directors of Will Writing Expert are the same as Conveyancing Expert and we have one insurance policy that covers our property work and our Will writing work. To be honest, we actually can’t think of any real reason why we have to have another company as the answers given always seem a bit weak but here we suspect our regulating body probably find it frustrating as well.

To discuss any of the above or if you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 794 7799.
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